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Teacher of Accordion and Electronic Keyboard Department at Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Standing Council Member of the Sichuan Professional Accordionist Committee, Member of the Sichuan Musicians¡¯ Association, Standing Council Member of Association for ElectronicAccordion Research Branch of Accordion Teacher¡¯s Alliance, China Conservatory of Music. Her key areas of focus include classical and contemporary accordion and bandoneon¡¯s performance, teaching as well as academic research. She is widely accredited as the first professional bandoneon performer in the whole of Mainland China, who is also the founder and artistic director of China¡¯s first professional Tango Ensemble"Liu Shanshan Tango Ensemble" (formerly known as "Tango Libertad Quintet"). From 2004-2010 she completed both MA in Music Education (Diplom-Musiklehrerin) and MA in Music Performance  (Diplom-Musikerin (Accordion)) in the ¡°Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media¡± in Germany.

Liu Shanshan had won the 1stPrize (Gold Medal) in the Non-Traditional Instrument category of ¡°CCTV Folk Instrumental Music Television Competition¡± in 2012, and achieved the 4thplace in the Chamber Music category of the¡°46thInternational Accordion Competition Klingenthal¡±, Germany in 2009. In the same year, she achieved the 1stplace in the Chamber Music category and the 3rd place in the Soloist categoryat the 11th Baden-Baden Accordion Competition in Germany.In 2020,she achieved the 2nd place and the special prize of ¡°ALDO PAGANI¡±in the ¡°Astor Piazzolla Award¡± category of the ¡°45th International Accordion Competition Castelfidardo¡± (PIF), Italy, and she achieved the 2nd place in the ¡°World Music¡± category of the ¡°70th Confederation Mondiale De L¡¯Accordeon¡±£¨CMA£©. In 2021, she achieved the 3rd place and the Silver Award in the ¡°Senior Ensemble¡± category of the ¡°British College of Accordionists international Anniversary Festival ¡± and she achieved the 3rd  place in the ¡°Ensemble¡±Category of the ¡°1st Concorso Internazionale di Bandoneon e Musica d¡¯ insieme ¡®Astor Piazzolla-Citta di Trani 2021¡¯¡±.

Liu Shanshan has studied accordion with Professor Wu Shouzhi, Professor Zhang Xiaobo and the renowned Swiss educator Professor Elsbeth Moser. She has studied bandoneon with renowned bandoneon masters, such as Juan Jose Mosalini , Juanjo Mosalini, Victor Villena of Argentina and Klaus Gutjahr of Germany. In 2013, she studied bandoneon and Tango Orquesta Tipica Performance courses at the¡°Codarts University for the Arts Rotterdam¡± in the Netherlands. During the courses, she conducted a series of interviews with 11 renowned European tango musicians on tango music and culture. From 2013 to 2015, she primarily studied bandoneon performance with Professor Juanjo Mosalini, the current director of Tango Department of Gennevilliers Conservatory of Music in Paris, France.

In 2006, Liu Shanshan was been invited to play in the ¡°Internationales Musikfest Goslar-Harz¡± Germany and in 2009 she was the accordion player for the Oper ¡° The Baker¡¯s Wife¡± in the ¡°Theater fuer Niedersachsen¡± in Germany. Since 2011, Liu Shanshan and her Tango Ensemble has performed nearly 100 concerts at venues, such as in Beijing ¡°National Centre for the Performing Arts¡±, ¡°Shanghai Cultural Square¡± Theatre, Taiwan's Hsinchu Concert Hall, as well as many other top ranking theatres and Conservatories of Music across China, such as the Beijing Central, Shanghai, Tianjin and Sichuan Conservatories of Music. The Ensemble also had been invited to perform in some international Tango festivals, such as in Chengdu and Taipei.

Since 2013, Liu Shanshan has successfully held two national bandoneon workshops weeks, and have been invited to give several bandoneon feature seminars in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. During her career, she has taught nearly50 bandoneon students. Her teachings has played a positive role in the popularization and promotion of bandoneon and the possibility of opening more bandoneon departments among Chinese Universities, and also gained tremendous praise within the music circles.