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Shanshan Liu holds a position as a teaching fellow in the Department for Accordion and electronic keyboard at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, and she also teaches at the Conservatory¡¯s College of Contemporary Music. Her key areas of focus include classical and contemporary accordion performance, teaching as well as academic research. She is a council member of the Sichuan Professional Accordionist Committee, a member of the Sichuan Musicians¡¯ Association, and is widely accredited as the foremost bandoneon performer in the whole of Mainland China.

Educational Background

At the tender age of five, Shanshan Liu began to study accordion under the tuition of Professor Wu Shouzhi at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Between 1996 and 2002 she was a student at the middle school attached to the Conservatory, sitting in succession under the expert tutelage of Professors Wu Shouzhi and Zhang Xiaobo before leaving for Germany to study at the prestigious Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. Her time in Germany from 2004-2010 brought her under the guidance of renowned Swiss bayanist and educator Professor Elsbeth Moser, and during her final two years at the university she was able to complete both her MA in Music Education (Diplom-Musiklehrerin) and MA in Music Performance  (Diplom-Musikerin (Accordion)). In February 2009, she studied the bandoeon under the world famous bandoneon craftsman and virtuoso Klaus Gutjahr, and in 2013 is undertaking master classes in bandoneon and tango orchestral arrangement at the Rotterdam School of World Music with Wim Warman and the Argentinean bandoeon master Victor Hugo Villena.

In 2009, Shanshan took part in the 46th International Accordion Competition in Klingenthal, Germany, where she achieved fourth place in the chamber music category. This competition has been recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Culture as one of the most prestigious in the world. In the same year, she achieved first place in the chamber music category at the 11th Baden-Baden Accordion Competition in Germany, and third place in the soloist category. In 2012, she was honoured to receive first prize (gold medal) in the televised ¡®2012 CCTV Folk Instrument Competition¡¯ in the category of non-traditional instruments. 

Between 2010 and 2012, Shanshan was invited to record performances for China Central Television. She also performed at the opening ceremonies for the Harbin International Accordion Arts Week, the Guiyang ¡®Summer in Huaxi¡¯ Arts Festival, the Sichuan Accordion Arts Festival, as well as other major performances. She has also arranged and performed tango concerts with much acclaim in Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Shanghai, Chengdu and various other regions and nations of the world.

On September 15th 2011, she formed the ¡°CD Tango Chamber Orchestra¡±, acting as the artistic director for the band and performing Argentine-system bandoneon.


Major Performances

-      July 26th 2012; At the ¡®Summer in Huaxi¡¯ arts festival/The 1st National Keyboard Invitation Tournament in Guizhou, China, she performed at the opening ceremony for that event.

-      June 6th 2012; She carried out a live performance with ¡®CD Tango Chamber Orchestra¡¯ in collaboration with Fu Daiju and one of the top ten dancers in Argentina, Leandro Oliver. The concert was met with much success, showcasing a combination of a form of music and dance rarely seen in China.

-      June 9th 2011; ¡®Shanshan Liu 2011 Accordion Fusion¡¯ concert, Sichuan Conservatory of Contemporary Music.

-      March - April 2011; ¡®2011 Re-awakening of Beauty Across Space and Time¡¯ tour of Taiwan with the national orchestra.

-      August 2010; ¡®Summer in Harbin International Accordion Arts Week¡¯ opening ceremony.

-      June 12th 2010; Invited by China Central Television to record performances for the 2010 World Cup Fans¡¯ Carnival.

-      May 25th 2010; Invited by the Argentinean embassy in Beijing to perform at the 200th Anniversary of the May Revolution celebrations.

-      September 30th 2009; Solo concert performance of accordion and bandoneon at the He L¨¹ting Concert Hall, Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

-      February ¨C April 2009; accordion performer at the Hildesheim Opera House, Germany.

-      May 10th 2004; ¡®Solo, Ensemble and Chamber Performances with Liu Shanshan¡¯ concert, Sichuan Conservatory of Music.